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Changshu Packard Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the southeast of Jiangsu Province, located in the Yangtze River Delta economic developed region, east of Shanghai, south of Suzhou, northwest of Wuxi, northeast of the Yangtze River, and nantong across the river.

Our company is a manufacturing enterprise, mainly producing open pocket automatic weighing and packing machine, valve pocket automatic weighing and packing machine, ton bag automatic weighing and packing machine, sealing and stacking production line, environmental protection equipment and so on. The company's products are highly customized products, according to the site environment of different users, material parameters and packaging requirements and other exclusive customized appropriate solutions, only to create suitable for the field use of packaging equipment.

In line with "professional, focus, concentrate for you" business purposes, product quality first, customer first principle, in the quality of equipment and supporting services are very secure, is your ideal partner! Sincerely look forward to contact with you, development, cooperation, hand in hand to climb the cause of the new peak!

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Constantly absorb customer feedback information, continuous improvement, innovation, optimization design
With good faith, quality as the fundamental, customer-centric, will reduce the cost, improve efficiency, improve service, do customers rest assured products!
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Company address: No. 388, Tongjian North Street, Guri Town, Changshu city
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