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The difference between valve pocket packer and automatic valve pocket packer

Issuing time:2020-09-01 16:00

What is the difference between a valve pocket packer and an automatic valve pocket packer? You can probably tell the difference between semi-automatic and fully automatic. There are big differences in labor and output.

Valve pocket packing machine is an automatic quantitative packing machine designed for all kinds of small accumulation density, air affinity du strong, very good or very poor flow of the zhi powder DAO or ultra-fine powder materials.

Working principle of valve pocket packing machine:

1. The valve pocket packaging machine uses the motor as the power source to drive the impeller in the discharge seat to rotate smoothly to achieve uniform feeding;

2. The sensor measures the material weight in the bag and inputs the measurement signal into the microcomputer. When the filling weight is reached, the microcomputer outputs the signal.

3. At the same time, the electromagnet pull rod moves up and the material bag falls down, so as to achieve quantitative and rapid packaging of loose materials.

4. The material enters the grid wheel from the external silo and enters the ash hopper from the feed port on the machine stand. The material is uniformly sent to the outlet through the steady rotation of the impeller.

5. The discharge mouth is unobblocked, the filling starts, and the material falls into the bag smoothly;

6, along with the increase in bag material, by the sensor input signal of microcomputer are also changing, when required by the material weight to set, computer output signal, the sealing cylinder, sealed discharging mouth, electromagnet tie up at the same time, material bags, so as to achieve automatic measurement, automatic off bag fully automatic packaging requirements.

Working principle of automatic valve pocket packing machine:

Automatic valve pocket packing machine is a new generation of intelligent packing machine developed on the basis of semi-automatic valve mouth packing machine, which includes automatic bag feeding, bag sucking, bag bagging, quantitative packing and bag transporting devices. Quantitative packaging is measured by weight method, and feeding speed is controlled by output signal of weighing sensor to realize automatic packaging. It is mainly suitable for valve pocket packaging of 10kg-50kg powder. The valve mouth packing machine has a wide range of application, which can be used to pack all kinds of powder, superfine powder or fine granular materials, and is widely used in all walks of life.

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