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High efficiency performance of valve port packing machine

Issuing time:2020-09-01 16:08

The application of packaging machine makes our work more efficient and simple, at the same time because of the different needs of the work, the type of packaging machine is a variety of, which valve port packaging machine is more widely used, the following is a simple understanding:

The valve mouth packing machine is by the variable speed blade feeding, using the technology of the bin return gas, mainly for some large density, small volume, large capacity of the industry designed, using frequency conversion speed regulation function, electronic automatic measurement technology, controlled by the PLC program, the whole process automation operation.

Are widely used in silicon dioxide (white carbon black, white carbon black, fumed silica), nanometer light calcium, light calcium, calcium modified light, activation of coarse whiting, coarse whiting, coal calcined kaolin, washed kaolin and modified washed kaolin, talc, pyrophyllite, bauxite, calcium stearate, coarse graphite, graphite, activated clay, carbon black, calcium hydrogen phosphate, calcium phosphate, nano zinc oxide, magnesium hydroxide, iron red dye, dye, diatomite, fire-proof material, nano titanium dioxide, silica powder, etc.

Valve pocket packing machine is mainly characterized by automatic weighing instrument control, intelligent identification, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, accurate weighing, high sensitivity!

The valve mouth packing machine reduces the wearing parts, not only reduces the maintenance cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency. It realizes the functions of automatic pressing, filling, loosening, stopping filling and dropping bags, with stable performance and simple operation.

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