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The difference between quantitative packing scale and chemical packing scale

Issuing time:2020-09-01 16:09

From the name can be seen, chemical packaging scale should be used for the chemical industry. So, how much is different from a quantitative packing scale besides its name? First of all, we should press the fast feeding and slow feeding buttons of the chemical packaging scale respectively to see whether the fast and slow feeders work. Look at the forward and backward rotation of the feeder and observe whether the steering is consistent with the positive rotation indicator. If it is reversed, change any two of the three-phase line of the motor. If the steering is correct, it can be made to rotate continuously for a period of time to see if its operation is normal. Then touch the clip bag induction switch once to see whether the clip bag solenoid valve cylinder action; After hitting the bag switch, the bag clamping mechanism opens under the action of the bag solenoid valve and cylinder, and there is the action of the solenoid valve of the bucket type retesting scale door (unloading door). Press to open the door, and then press to close the door, to see whether the solenoid valve cylinder of the weighing door can drive the weighing door has the corresponding action, the direction of action is in line with the requirements.

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