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Intelligence improves the efficiency of packaging machinery

Issuing time:2020-11-27 13:51

China's packaging machinery products are facing fierce international competition due to the lack of varieties, low technical level, poor product reliability and other reasons. Especially in recent years, with the construction of economical society, the development of circular economy and the intensification of technological innovation, a new wave of technology introduction has come into being. This brings great pressure to domestic packaging industry.

Intelligent packaging machinery is an effective way to improve efficiency, so the development trend of intelligent packaging machinery is inevitable. Enterprises to change the development concept of packaging machinery, improve efficiency, strengthen the cost performance of packaging machinery. Packaging machinery

At present, with the rapid development and rapid changes in the market, we should pay more attention to the quality and affordability of packaging machine equipment, should pay more attention to the production efficiency and performance of products. Packaging machinery

Now the development of packaging machinery has new characteristics, mainly: first, production efficiency. The production line is highly automated and large-scale in order to obtain the best labor productivity and economic benefits. Second, high utilization rate of resources, high comprehensive utilization and development of circular economy; Third, the product attaches great importance to energy conservation and cost reduction; Fourth, the application of new and high technology, improve production efficiency, product level, grade; Fifth, the commercialization of scientific research results has made packaging machinery products more knowledge-intensive, technology-integrated and product-intelligent.

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